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SSD 520 Dari Intel, Standar Baru Kinerja SSD Dengan Dukungan Chipset SandForce

Recently announced the presence of the Intel Solid State Drive (SSD) 520 Series, named Cherryville.

SSD 520 series will be the new standard for performance of an SSD. SSD 520 supports standard SATA 3 (6Gbps) version, which uses NAND Flash memory process technology 25 nanometer (nm).

SSD 520 series uses SandForce chipset, a chipset with the highest performance on SATA 3 interface. SSD is also claimed to provide maximum performance 4K write up to 80,000 Input-Output per Second (IOPS). While the read performance of 50,000 IOPS.

SSD 520 Series promises an average speed of read and write up to 550 MBps and 520 MBps. SSD 520 will be sold with a capacity range, which is 60 GB (149 USD), 120 GB (229 USD), 180 GB (369 USD), 240 GB (509 USD) and 480 GB (999 USD).

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