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Google Drive, Media Storage Online From Google Ready to Compete with Dropbox

Seeing the success of Facebook, Google also went along to Google and Google Buzz +. Now, look at the success of online storage services like Dropbox and Box.net search engine giant that too went along to make a similar service as Google Drive. This service is reportedly offering up to 100 GB capacity.

Rumors about Google Drive has long been developed, Google Drive allows people to store photos, documents and videos in the 'cloud'. Google will accommodate those files on the server so that people can easily share files to others.

Google's service is expected to be made ​​free to all internet users, but for those who want the extra capacity, he is charged.

Strong cloud infrastructure for storage and all ancillary services has been prepared by Google for Google Drive support services. According to reports circulating, Google Drive will officially slide in coming weeks.

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