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IdblogNetwork Adsense Indonesia

Blogger friends already know, what it IdBlogNetwork? In his official website, IdBlogNetwork mentioned as follows:
IdblogNetwork is a startup that didirkan by market needs, the founder IdblogNetwork are people who experienced in the world of IT and Digital Advertising, we saw a need for advertisers to do personalized marketing communications approach is through the Bloggers.

In short, IdBlogNetwork is adsense. Lots of programs that are here, PPC, PPA, Pay Per Post, Pay Per Tweet. With a sizable fee. This makes the Bloggers became interested in registering as a publisher IdBlogNetwork.
The other day in the event # dicipok, Ma'am Mubarika Damayanti deliver, there could be a month from Rp 35jt IdBlogNetwork. Who would not want to if so?
To be able to register as a publisher IBN was a bit unique, that takes 2 (two) or email reco email recommendation. Dont know what this means. But clearly I think to filter blogs that was really good quality and meet the TOS IBN.

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