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How To Add Twitter Follower

How to easily add a twitter follower?
How many twitter followers Friend? "Hundreds of ... more"-borrowed ancient-language ads. Would not, have the amount to tens of thousands of followers? Definitely want it, huh? Because the follower has a lot of us a chance to get extra income. Reportedly, a follower account @ poconggg his millions until it was paid millions twit. That is, there is a mesen twit for product promotion to the owner of the account @ poconggg and willing to pay millions.
For those who want serious friends in online marketing, it's important to have many followers as highly effective way to disseminate information about products or services have a friend.
Many tips to add twitter follower. Twitter follower we should not just many but quality. Quality that is loyal and not just follow but gives a response back to the friend when the friend is promoting such things. But remember, do not all contain promotional twit. Later even the click unfollow Follower.
Some of the many ways that our twitter followers:
1. Create a twit that benefit many people.
If just ngetwit still a lot of people can do, but the quality is more important twit. And usually, we ngetwit just "talk" as our friend. Reply to each other, each mention with a friend or friends.
Make a twit who weighs, for example about starting a business, motivation, advice and other religious.
2. People do not like the impression of too patronizing.
The selection of words is also very important. The word "you" and "We" will be pitched another. The word "you" will be memorable patronizing. While the word "We" invite memorable, and is more effective.
Twit following example:
"You have to start from ourselves to make a change"
"We should start a of yourself to make changes"
Friend feel the difference? The first impression twit patronizing, as if we're better. In the second twit, suggestive invitation and these people will be more receptive. About this I never mention KomunikatorNo_1 alias @ @ PonijanLiaw and blessed is my follow by him.
3. Try not to always ask for the follow.
Usually when a "young man" after memfollow someone will mention, '@ ***, not already follow ya, ya follback "To memfollow behind people would think," What can I make with memfollow back ".
For someone of the caliber of Ali Akbar @ pakarseo, Jamil Azzaini @ jamilazzaini, Ippho Santoso @ ipphoright, Muhammad Arif @ poconggg and others would be highly unlikely we memfollowback.
But there are no great men who want memfollowback. He is @ AchyudinACT.

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