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Renovation of the royal family of Qatar Masion Rp 2.9 T

A member of the Qatar royal disburse funds for the renovation of an old English mansion that has become his property. No half-hearted, money is being spent to reach 200 million pounds, or Rp.2, 9 trillion.

Citing page Daily Mail, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani will change the face of Dudley Mansion bought for 37.4 million pounds (Rp.558 billion) in 2006. Promising properties of the sheikh will become the most expens
ive building in the UK which offer views of Hyde Park in London's beauty.

185-year-old building has an area of ​​0.4 hectares and been renovated at a cost of 75 million pounds (Rp1, 1 trillion). Renovation was carried out to knock down the three original buildings Dudley Mansion for then made a giant mansion.

This building also has a ballroom and an extensive gallery of paintings, as well as luxury furniture that cost could reach 100 million pounds (Rp1, 4 trillion). Shaykh Hamad also plans to renovate the original interior of the Dudley Mansion and Victorian Regency style.

Based on a site property, the renovation also will include construction of 17 bedrooms and 14 reception rooms, which will re-turned with the feel of the 19th century.

"With all the renovation plan, if the Dudley Mansion re-sold, the price could reach 250 million pounds (Rp.3, 7 trillion)," said a property expert who recently visited the property that was founded in 1827.

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