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Conquer Everest Climber Killed 4 & 1 Missing

Four international climbers dying after a mission to conquer Mount Everest on the weekend. Meanwhile, a climber from Nepal is still not known to exist, but they are believed to have been killed.

The Guardian newspaper reported the body of a climber from China, Ha Wenyi, became the latest victims were found. Three other climbers who had been declared dead was Eberhard Schaaf of Germany, Shriya Shah-Klorfine from Canada, and Song Won-Bin South Korean. One climber was still unaccounted for.

Schaaf, Shah-Klorfin
e, and Song dying down as the highest mountain in the world last week. "Schaaf may have died because of altitude sickness in the southern peak of the mountain," said Ang Tshering of Asian Trekking, the expedition set Schaaf, who was found dead on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Won-Bin who was reported missing since Saturday, was found in the Balcony, the area near the summit of Everest. Reported by News.com.au, 44-year-old man died of altitude sickness that had fallen into the abyss.

Ha, which is the fourth of deaths, was found at an altitude of 8600 meters along with Shah-Klorfine on Sunday. Again, altitude sickness is thought to be the cause of death.

The victims included from the 341 climbers who attempt to conquer the 8848 meter high mountain climbing since the season opened last April. Their deaths make the number of climbers who died on this busy season to eight people.

On Mount Everest, at an altitude of 8,000 meters to the top known as the 'Death Zone'. The name was derived considering the almost impossible anyone could survive more than 48 hours at a very piercing bone and lack of available oxygen in there.

"Medan climb this year can be fairly dangerous, with high winds and snow storms that cause delays in emergency bridge construction over the cliff," said Gyanendra Shrestha of Nepal authorities.

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