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British Warship Commander Woman

Royal Navy, Royal Navy, has a long history that boasts over 500 years. And now their new record torehkan: appoint a woman as commander of a warship in the forefront.

She is Sarah West. Female 40 years it has been officially held the baton of command of HMS Portland, Type 23 frigate ship weighing 5,000 tons, prepared for the "all-out war".

Before the West, there is Commander Sue Moore (43), first woman to lead a smaller ship, the First Patrol Boat Squadron (1PBS). He is responsible for the ship nontempur, 18 P2000 Archer conducting maritime security operations in UK waters, participate in securing the Olympics by patrols on the River Thames, and escorting the Queen in celebration.

West designation is a tremendous achievement. Because, until 1990, women are prohibited from joining the Navy.

West admitted honored with the appointment. "Being the commander of HMS Portland is the highest achievement of my 16 years in the Navy. It is a challenge and I am ready for it," he said as quoted by the Daily Mail, Tuesday, May 22, 2012.

"I feel very proud to be the commander of the ship Type 23 frigate, a warship that is very flexible. I will lead the HMS Potland with professional and focused team.

HMS Portland is not normal vessels. It was equipped missile can be fired into another vessel, also directed upward to the plane and helicopter. He was also able to hunt and destroy submarines.

The warship also has a 4.5 in guns, anti-submarine torpedo equipped with radar and sonar equipment to help guide the ammunition or the navigation.

Commander of the West of Lincolnshire will also be responsible for the 180 crew, which 10 percent are female sailor Wrens alias.

The appointment of West as a commander was announced last August 2011, which became big news in the UK. Because, he was the first female warship commander.

Moreover, who commanded the ship, HMS Portland to fame as the Punisher ship Somali pirates and drug smugglers in the Caribbean. West of submarine warfare specialists, and planning of the Navy, was a scholar of mathematics.

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