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Creativity Important In Designing

There are many designers who have great designing skill. The question is it enough to have designing skill to become a great designer. What I think is no just designing skills can’t make you good designer.
Designing field is very vast, designers can be in the fields like graphic designing, web designing, furniture designing, automotive designing, accessory designers (in many different industries) etc. It is very difficult to list all the fields where designing is required.
Designing skills are different in every industry for example a graphic designer need to be expert in different graphic software like Photoshop, CorleDraw you must have understanding of designing etc and every designing fields have its own requirements. I am not going deep into skills requirement topic but the most important thing is you must me creative to make most from your skill.
Why Creativity
Today in this competitive world everything need to be different to grab customer’s attention and you have to do different things every time. Creative ideas can grab attention but there is no rule which can say this is creative idea or concept. Creativity gets appreciation when it is loved and accepted by people. There are many examples of creative ideas but they were not accepted because people can’t attach with it. To be creative you must understand what people can like.
Think Locally or Globally
To make any design you must understand the product or service market. Is that product for local market or international? If product is for local market then you must understand the values of that country and if that product is for international then you have to think differently.
Different Views of Thinking
How you think changes your creativity. There can be different ways of expressing a thought; to be creative you have to learn these different ways. There is old saying about how you think; Half glass water or Half empty glass of water. When you learn different ways of expressing you can create amazing ideas and can become more creative.
Get Inspired
To get new ideas you must regularly search for related product of your industries. If you are graphic designer then you must search for creative examples of logo designs, advertisements, package designs etc which will help you to be creative. Creativity is all around you from morning to night you see many creative example. Your newspaper can be your first source of inspiration where you can find many creative advertisements then comes television, Internet, billboards and many more ways which helps you to be creative.

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  1. Nice Sad creativity is the basis requirement for designing only not for web designing , creativity is very important for any designing , think different from other and also logical it’s make any one creative.


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