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A Biblical Recipe for Effective Child Training

1 gallon faith in God
7 cupfuls love for your child
1 cup patience
1 cup clarified instruction
1 cup consistent discipline (whipped
3 teaspoons of pure mercy
1 generous dash of humor
2 cupfuls praise
2 cupfuls liberty

Pour faith in God into any size family. Mix one teaspoon of clarified instruction and one teaspoon of consistent discipline. Add only a half cup of liberty initially. Stir well and chip lightly. Sprinkle in pure mercy and simmer over a steady flame of prayer. Proceed to fold in additional teaspoons of instruction and discipline, in equal amounts, adding liberty slowly. Stir well and whip as needed to smooth out any lumps of disobedience. Never overbeat! Sweeten to taste with humor and praise. Melt any specks of misunderstanding or sour attitude by turning up the level of prayer and adding extra instruction. Continue this process until all remaining ingredients have been added and all bitterness has been removed. When adding the last cup of liberty, be careful not to cause any sudden separation or foaming. If either of these occur, or if the moral character begins to lose its intended shape, skim off the excess liberty until the desired consistency results. Try adding this liberty again later when character is firmer. Keep warm over a steady flame of prayer. Serve with a tender heart and the sincere milk of God's Word. Never serve with a cold shoulder or a hot tongue.

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